Young California Writers Project

Young CA Writers flyer

Our Young California Writers Playwright Project has been a staple part of our CAST Academy experience and the Language Arts Curriculum for many years. The project began over 7 years ago in partnership with the Magic Theater located in Fort Mason. The goal of the project was to introduce all of the juniors to the craft of writing a stage play, through an intensive in class mentoring with a professional playwright.

Over the course of six weeks every junior in CAST works on writing a stage play based on the topic of their choice. At the end of this six weeks, ten of the best plays are selected for additional refinement, and then performed in an evening of dramatic readings by professional actors from our sponsoring partner.

CAST sees the playwright experience as laying the groundwork for connecting and moving into scriptwriting lessons in the Animation and Media Arts Video Production process. Many of the ideas generated in the Young California Writers Project have gone on to be reworked and developed into videos/animations, or used as content for developing a video treatment.

Over the years, as funding and budget issues have affected partners we have had to re-imagine and establish new arrangements. The last three years saw us closely working with the local SF Mime Troupe. In this year’s newest arrangement we are working with the Tides Theater and playwright Suze Allen.


Link to video of recent production: