Media Arts 3/4

This course provides our 12th grade students the opportunity to use the formal techniques learned to develop media pieces with strong literal qualities that creates emotional responses from the viewers. Students work in production teams and are assigned project manager titles in order to manage the workflow. Production teams work on multiple projects concurrently and each project manager is responsible for coordination and facilitation in order to meet the strict deadlines. Students collaborate on all final edits. Students are also responsible for the weekly production, content and management of BAL TV, our school’s inhouse television broadcast.

Fall Semester

  • Development of standardized process for Bal This Week shows
  • Bal Expose Video
  • Research and Recce
  • Public Relations Video from pending bill and persuasive techniques.
  • Tag Line
  • Photo Storyboard
  • Video Treatment for Screenplay from Narrative essay
  • Pitching
  • Post Viewing Audience Questionnaires
  • Replicating Video

Spring Semester

  • Adobe Youth Voices
  • Hero’s Journey Video
  • B&W Object of Transcendence Video
  • American Dream Video
  • 1984 Video

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