Media Arts 1/2

IMG_8269This course provides a hands-on introduction to digital video production from beginning to end: pre-production, production, and post-production. Students will complete variety short video projects throughout the year using video production tools such as video cameras, microphones, lighting instruments, video editing software, and audio manipulation software. Students will also learn the basics of cinematography, film aesthetics, and editing techniques. All students are part of a Production Team and collaborate on all assignments.

Fall Semester

  • Visual art as a language
  • San Francisco Mime Troupe
  • Storyboarding
  • Elements of Screen Shot
  • The 7 Elements of Art
  • Art Criticism and Aesthetics
  • Media Critical Review Write-up
  • Elements of Art Video Sequence and Time Coding

Spring Semester

  • Principles of Design Video Sequence and Time Coding
  • Stage Play to Screen Play
  • Cinematography Techniques
  • Shooting Script
  • Production Script
  • Adobe Premier Editing
  • Post Production Script