Animation 3/4

Animation 3/4 Course Outline


First Semester:

Overview of Project Themes

Context as Content

Documenting the Process

Create with Purpose

Review First Year of Animation

Elements and Principles of Art/Design

Fundamental Drawing Skills

12 Principles of Animation

7 Steps to Animation of a Scene


Timing and Movement

Animation Production Steps

Keyframing and Inbetweening



The Pitch of the First Year Animatics and Group Critique


Group Production of Best Animatics (5 to 6 productions)


Adobe Youth Voices Projects Overview

Creating with Purpose/Context as Content

Exercises and Project Development

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Global Classroom Project

Digital Publishing Project

Learning the Creative Suite Design/Production Premium Suite (ongoing)

Lessons and Projects involving:

Photoshop (Posters/PSAs/Business Plan Graphics}

Illustrator (Posters/PSAs/Business Plan Graphics}


After Effects (Shakespeare sonnets/UDHR)


Sound Booth

Acrobat Pro (ePortfolio)


Techniques for Production


Green Screen


UDHR Production/Performance

Producing Motion Graphics/Video/Animations for use on stage or as a piece in the performance, using After Effects or Flash.


Final Exam


Second Semester


ePortfolio Development/Exhibition/Distribution


Adobe Youth Voices Projects/Group Productions




Rough Cut Review at Adobe

Final Project

Digital Publishing Project to accompany Final Project


Business Plan

Students will have opportunities to work on components of their Business Plan   as developed in their Economics course. This will mostly consist of graphics, animation, or video production work that may be part of Business Plan, Implementation, and Promotions. This assignment is required to pass the Economics and Animation Course.


1984 Group Productions

Students will create and incorporate graphics, animation, and experimental audio into group video productions featuring interpretations of the themes explored in the George Orwell novel, 1984.  This assignment combines the skills and knowledge of the Social Studies, English, Media Arts, and Animation courses into a unique and challenging project.


Final Exam


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