Animation 1/2

Inking and PaintingAnimation 1/2 Course Outline


A great deal of the course materials, lessons, outlines, and handouts I have developed or gathered for use, for the work done in this course and Animation 3/4, can be found by logging into CTE Online website ( and searching in the Arts, Media, Entertainment Section for the Animation course outlines and lessons. Setting up an account is free and provides you access not only to the lessons, but to the CA Dept of Education Arts, Media, and Entertainment Standards, and tools for creating and saving your own materials and lessons for future use as well.


First Semester


Introduction to course: themes, projects, goals, and class guidelines.

Sketchbook: Assignments and Drawings every week/all year.

+5 pages a week drawings of your choice

+16Weekly assignments each semester done in red/blue/graphite pencils

Review Elements and Principles of Art/Design

Art History Slide Show

Cartoon History/Animation History (ongoing)

Fundamental Drawing Skills

Basic Shapes and Forms

1 & 2 Pt. Perspective Drawing

Human Form/Figure/Movement

Graphic Novel/Illustrations for English Course

12 Principles of Animation

  1. Squash/Stretch
  2. Anticipation
  3. Staging
  4. Straight ahead action and pose to pose
  5. Follow Through and overlapping action
  6. Slow in and slow out
  7. Arcs
  8. Secondary Action
  9. Timing
  10. Exaggeration
  11. Solid Drawing
  12. Appeal

7 Steps for Animating a scene

Basic Drawing Procedure for Animation

Production Work Flow/Job Responsibilities in the Studio

Career/Technical Awareness (ongoing)

Building and Developing your Portfolio

Arts and Entertainment Industry Overview

Careers and Professions in Arts/Design/Technology

Economic Contributions to Local, State, National Economy

Model Sheets/Turnarounds/Layouts/Character Development

Movement and Timing

Time Sheet/Pencil Test Procedures

Foundational Animation Assignments (Set of Drawings and Pencil Test Exercises)

  1. Bounce
  2. Bounce/Roll
  3. Flying Cycle
  4. Looping a Two-Legged Walk Cycle with Background/Compositing/Using a Timeline

Scanning/Digital Inking and Painting in Photoshop

Creating a Flash Timeline and Compositing cycle with Background


Second Semester

Inbetweening and Cleanup Techniques/Methods/Procedures

Adobe Youth Voices Introduction

Animation Production:

  1. Layout/Design
  2. Character Development
  3. Scriptwriting/Storyboarding
  4. Digital Dialogue and X-Sheets
  5. Audio Recording and Editing
  6. Scanning/Clean-up
  7. Compositing
  8. File Management/Networking
  9. Color Theory and Application
  10. Digital Ink and Paint
  11. Animatic as framework for Animation
  12. Video Editing
  13. Exhibition, Promotion, Publishing and Distribution

Adobe Youth Voices Live Event

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