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Creativity – It’s our future – Adobe Video featuring students of Balboa

Educator Spotlight: The Impact of Creativity in the Classroom Adobe Education Video featuring Mr. Larson

Adobe Youth Voices has been a instrumental and influential partner with the CAST Academy for over six years now. We became a part of the international Adobe Youth Voices program in 2008. The impact of our involvement has been tremendous. In the early years we were introduced to their dynamic curriculum, which emphasized the importance of youth voice, dialogue, and discussion in all stages of the creative process, through an engaging week of professional development with other instructors from around the Bay Area. In addition to the professional development, we were paired with a media mentor. The media mentors were professionals from the video, web, and design industries who visited our program sites, provided feedback, and technical assistance to both the students and our instructors. As part of the AYV program cycle that first year, we learned a lot about improving the quality of our youths media along with fostering deeper conversations about their goals and intentions when developing and creating their productions. As part of the process our students were able to visit the Adobe offices for Pitching sessions, and Rough Cut Reviews. At these events students would hear from other participating students in the area, as well as Adobe employees, receiving valuable feedback and the chance to work on their presentation skills. The year ended with student media being selected and showcased at the Adobe Youth Voices Live event held at the San Francisco headquarters of Adobe.

The following summer, Mr. Larson and two students were fortunate enough to be able to attend the first International Adobe Youth Voices Summit held at the Stanford University, California , and participate in a week long session of media making and workshops with other educators and students from over 20 different countries around the world. The experience was groundbreaking for everyone involved. The teachers and the youth worked together across language and cultural differences to learn from each other, while creating videos, animations, and graphics with strong and compelling messages around the environment, community, empowerment, and creativity. The educators and youth present at this summit, helped to establish the foundation for Adobe’s growing network of collaborative digital media making efforts for the years that followed.

Since that time our involvement with Adobe inside and outside of the classroom has continued to grow and flourish. In the subsequent years, both Mr. Larson and Mr. Lee were asked to join the Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator program, where they help to provide and share their experience and knowledge of producing high quality digital media to other educators around the world through online communications and at local summits as well.

Mr. Larson was able to spend three of his summers over the last few years working with Adobe and the Youth Voices program through his placement in the IISME (Industry Initiatives for Science Math and Engineering) Fellowships Program. During this time he developed curriculum for Adobe, IISME, and his classroom to bring knowledge and experience of the workplace back to the students at Balboa, as well as sharing with other teachers. He was also invited to join the Adobe Education Leaders program, and continues to conduct workshops, trainings, and curriculum for Adobe and teachers around the world.

Students in CAST have won various awards in Adobe Media competitions, a Creativity Scholarship,  presented on panels, and gone on to serve as media assistants and counselors at additional Adobe Youth Voices Summits over the past several years. One of our graduates now works at a video production company that often produces videos for Adobe. Through our continued work with Adobe, our students and teachers have been featured prominently in Adobe videos centered on Creativity in the Classroom. Additionally students have had the chance to participate in focus groups and beta testing with new software and applications being developed by Adobe, sharing their insights and creative sensibilities in these projects.

Adobe has helped bridge the gap between our students and classrooms, and the world and workplace of one of the largest producers of digital media tools in the world. This invaluable support has come in the form of curriculum, training, equipment, software, and a sense of purpose and direction.



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