3D RepRap Club at Balboa: Learning about 3D Modeling and Printing

Who we are:
The Balboa RepRap is a 3D printing and Industrial design club. What exactly is that? A club where we learn about product design and how consumer products are developed from an idea into a product on the shelf. We will learn about 3D modeling software (CAD) and how to use it to turn our ideas into a model that can be manipulated to show the envisioned products look. An important part of the industrial design process is prototyping, this determines what works and what doesnt work about a product. Our club wants to use 3D printers as a way to prototype our products. We hope to learn more about hobby 3D printing and the role it may take in the future as the primary form of production.

What we plan to do:
Our club is currently trying to develop an industrial design curriculum with RepRap (hobby 3D printing) incorporated. Our curriculum must be easy to understand, engaging and hands-on. Our club is currently not a class and each member who is in the club is there to learn about Industrial Design and 3D printing. The point of our club is not to be a strict classroom environment. We hope to make it into a community where ideas can be pitched and incorporated with others ideas. We want to give a hands-on approach to learning. We plan to have 3D modeling lessons to learn how to use software such as 123D and sketchup. In addition, our club wants to bring 3D printing to the hands of teens. This will give them the opportunity to see the technology in action and experience first hand the infinite possibilities that this technology can create.

Why we are needed:
With industrial arts classes like woodshop and metal shop cut from our schools in San Francisco, our school no longer supports the needs of hands-on activities is a facilitated environment. Our club will fill this need, by teaching how to use a 3D printer and design models to print. This will open up the doors for creativity and hopefully inspire students to use this technology to create practical things. By supporting this club you are giving youth the opportunity for them to create something awesome that may inspire students in the careers of engineering. Our club will change the way we view the world!

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