CAST Academy

A California Partnership supported Arts, Media, and Entertainment education program.

CAST Academy

Our Staff

Balboa’s CAST Academy teachers are experienced and highly motivated to providing the program’s students with the critical thinking and skills needed to advance their academic and career goals. Through collaboration and discussion the staff create a unique and supportive learning environment.

Our Campus

Balboa High School is a California registered historic landmark. San Francisco architect John Reid Jr. designed the first campus buildings in the Spanish Colonial Revival Style with a prominent center courtyard, mission style roof tiles, and arcades.

Our Achievement

The CAST Academy at Balboa has been selected by the CA Department of Education as one of several sites as model demonstration sites for providing a rigorous Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Technical Education program.

Our Technology

The CAST Academy provides it’s students with industry standard computers, software, hardware, and technical skills. Students are learning the production skills and foundation for a wide range of digital media applications including video production, animation, and graphic design. We are introducing and working with things like 3D printing and VR/360 Film making and graphics.

Our Role

As educators it is our job to provide meaningful learning experiences that contextualize the skills and knowledge they are developing in relation to real world applications and projects. We work to provide access and opportunity to succeed in a rapidly changing and evolving economy, by teaching both academic content, but also the ‘soft skills’ of the workplace.

Our Thinking

We believe that the education and opportunities afforded to students while in high school set the stage for their future academic and career efforts. We embrace the challenges of teaching in a traditional high school setting, and innovate by incorporating design thinking, production team models, and strong partnerships with outside institutions and businesses.

Arts, Media, Entertainment

CTE Programs

The Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) Industry Sector is a California Department of Education (CDE) program designed to identify and develop curriculum, standards, instructional resources, and assessment strategies for teachers, students, guidance personnel, curriculum planners, and administrators. Leadership in the AME Sector is fostered through partnerships with a variety of media and entertainment industry partners and key representatives from the California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and the University of California Postsecondary Education systems. The program identifies tools, resources, strategies, activities and standards to assure that students are offered challenging, relevant academic and career-related experiences. Through on-going implementation of high quality, standards-based programs, students may access a range of sequential courses of study developing skills in Design, Visual and Media Arts, Performing Arts, Production and Managerial Arts, and Game and Simulation Design pathways, as well as focused in-depth study of specific AME Sector careers.